Insulating Paints from ThermoAdd, paints that insulate your property

Insulating Paints
Insulating Paints

ThermoAdd Insulating Paint Additive - ThermoAdd Energy Saving Paint has unique insulating properties, which will help you reduce energy use dramatically, by reducing heat loss through your walls and ceilings. The insulating properties within ThermoAdd, will form a thermal barrier reflecting heat back into your room/building, considerably reducing heat loss and increasing room temperature.

ThermoAdd offers the perfect balance, excellent quality and performance with a noticeably superior texture and finish, along with insulating properties, and a contribution towards the environment, due its extremely low VOC level. ThermoAdd is also extremely breathable, so the incredible combination of the breathability of the paint along with the heat reflecting properties, also dramatically helps to reduce condensation problems.

Available in over 30 colours.


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